Large Injection Pad

Large Injection Pad


Price: $99.00
SKU: INJ-LG-01 (light skin tone), INJ-LG-01D (dark skin tone)
Dimensions: 6” x 6” x 1-3/4"

Product Description

Patrick is the master of all injection pads. We created it for demonstrating and practicing needle injections, including autoinjectors and vaccines. Four times larger than Paddy and designed with an extra fat-like layer, the Patrick large injection pad provides a deluxe next-level experience at a highly competitive price point. It realistically simulates four types of injections, including intramuscular, Z-track, subcutaneous, and intradermal, and its easy-draining feature makes using fluid-filled syringes a breeze. A fan favorite among pharmaceutical companies and nursing school educators, Patrick is a realistic large injection pad that makes a lasting impression.

Product Uses

The Patrick large injection pad is a show-stopping simulation tool for cost-effectively and realistically demonstrating or practicing the following types of injections:

  • Intramuscular (IM) – into the muscle
  • Z-track – into the muscle (prevents tracking)
  • Subcutaneous – into the fat layer between skin and muscle
  • Intradermal (ID) – into the dermis

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What Is Included

The Patrick large injection pad includes the following contents:

  • One (1) large injection pad, in light or dark skin tone
  • One (1) storage tray
  • Three (3) removable epidermis layer pads

Additional epidermis layer pads are available to purchase separately.

Signature Features

With medical professional input, we created the Patrick large injection pad using proprietary techniques and formulations that remarkably mimic real-life injection scenarios. Boasting an uncanny flesh-like appearance, tactile feel, and overall response, Patrick is an injection simulation tool with so much more, including:

  • Professional presentation for pharmaceutical demonstrations
  • Large surface area for realistic teaching and practice
  • Simulates intramuscular, Z-track, subcutaneous, and intradermal injections
  • Includes removable epidermis layers for mimicking a wheal
  • Open bottom allows for easy draining when using fluid-filled syringes
  • Easy to maintain and store, thanks to its space-saving stackability
  • Formulated and assembled in Perkasie, PA using lightweight USA-made materials

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What Our Customers Love

From pharmaceutical representatives to nursing school instructors and other medical practitioners, the Patrick large injection pad has become essential for effectively demonstrating and teaching injections because of its:

Professional Presentation

Pharmaceutical companies have fallen in love with the Patrick large injection pad. Its professional presentation and realistic design run circles around market alternatives that are too small, unsightly, and unrealistic. Plunk Patrick front and center on a doc’s desk or clinical conference table and let it make your drug – and you – shine.

Large Surface Area

Nursing and medical educators use Patrick as an effective tool for demonstrating injections in a classroom or other group learning environment. It’s a teacher-friendly injection pad with a large enough surface area to illustrate proper form and technique. Students can then mirror what they’ve learned using a coordinating small injection pad that looks and responds nearly identically to the teacher’s model.

Realistic Formulation

Formulated with foam and other USA-made materials that blend to produce exceptionally realistic flesh layers in two skin tones, the Patrick large injection pad is a refreshingly welcomed alternative to impractical rubber and stiff nylon products on the market. This level of remarkable realism translates to a more impactful demonstration and greater educational value.

Fluid-friendly Construction

The Patrick large injection pad features an open backing that allows for hassle-free fluid draining, making it easy to maintain when used with fluid-filled syringes. No more complicated and time-consuming disassembly and reassembly when it’s time to drain fluids. Simply lift the Patrick pad from the tray, drain, and then drop it back onto its tray and reuse.

Low Maintenance

Many of our customers ask how to maintain the Patrick large injection pad, and we’re proud to say that our advice is straightforward. Simply keep it dry, except for an occasional soak in antibacterial soap. Following these basic instructions will deter microbial growth and extend Patrick’s longevity, reducing the cost per use to mere pennies or less, depending on the usage and care.

Product Options

As opposed to artificial-looking injection pads in white or gold, the Patrick large injection pad is available in both light and dark skin tones for a more realistic practice experience.

  • Light skin tone: SKU INJ-LG-01
  • Dark skin tone: SKU INJ-LG-01D

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe in the integrity and quality of the Patrick large injection pad so much that we continually stand behind it with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our goal is to give you peace of mind that you’ll be happy with our solution – or we’ll exchange or issue a store credit within 30 days of your returned order. We’re that confident that you’ll love Patrick as much as we do.

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Shipping and Ordering Information

Because we make our products in-house, most standard orders for Patrick large injection pads are available to ship within 24-48 hours.

For larger Patrick orders over 100 units, please contact us online, email, or call (267) 884-0684 to learn about volume discounts and expected lead times.

Use Instructions

With just a few simple instructions, you’ll have everything you need to master the Patrick large injection pad. With virtually no maintenance outside routine cleaning and keeping it dry, Patrick is incredibly easy to begin using right away.

Upon receiving your order, follow these use instructions for best results:

  1. Remove the large injection pad, tray, and epidermis layers from the packaging.
  2. Prepare for intradermal injection by peeling the backing from the replaceable epidermis layer. Wipe the top of the pad with rubbing alcohol. (Skip this step for intramuscular and subcutaneous practice injections.)
  3. Place the epidermis layer on top of the injection pad and press to adhere. (Skip this step for intramuscular and subcutaneous practice injections.)
  4. Perform the desired injection procedure per clinical protocols. Be aware some injections may cause leakage from the bottom of the pad, depending on the injection location and fluid volume.
  5. Clean up by squeezing the pad over a sink or paper towel to remove any residual liquid.

Tips and Tricks:

  • The edges of the epidermis layer may curl up if left in a humid environment. Press on the edges to flatten.

  • It is normal for some liquid to ooze through the epidermis layer onto the surface of the large injection pad. Rest assured that this will not compromise the product’s performance.

  • Routinely soak in antimicrobial dish soap and let it air dry.

  • Store this stackable injection pad in a cool, dry place.

Download and print these instructions, tips, and tricks to keep them handy.

Question about using or caring for the Patrick large injection pad? Contact us for expert answers.

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