Advanced Tissue Insert (pack of 3)

Advanced Tissue Insert (pack of 3)

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The Subcuticular Tissue Insert is for use in the practice of all common closure methods. The tissue plate is made of 5 layers developed to match the feel of epidermis, dermis, fat, muscle, and includes an enhanced subcuticular layer. The subcuticular layer can be punctured from the side and will hold a suture to simulate pulling together of tissue. The fat layer realistically dissects and will not hold a stitch.  All layers accept adhesive and bandage closure methods. The product is completely animal friendly and mess free. During use, the skin layer does not propagate a tear and will appropriately hold a suture. Tissue plates can be saved for evaluation or reused multiple times. Size is approximately 12.5" X 4.5"

Sold in sets of 3*

SKU: TIS-SKIN-02 (light skin tone), TIS-SKIN-02D (dark skin tone)

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