Removable Epidermis Layer (pack of 9)
Removable Epidermis Layer (pack of 9)

Removable Epidermis Layer (pack of 9)

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Our proprietary Epi-Layer technology, a groundbreaking feature exclusive to our range of injection pads, designed to revolutionize the training experience for healthcare professionals. These removable epi-layers are meticulously engineered to mimic the human skin's response to intradermal injections, specifically addressing the "wheal" effect that can occur when a substance is injected into the dermis.
The Epi-Layer system is crafted to provide an unparalleled realistic simulation, allowing students to not only practice the technical aspects of intradermal injections but also to observe and understand the physiological skin reaction, such as the wheal formation. This hands-on experience is vital for preparing healthcare professionals to administer injections safely and effectively in real-world scenarios.
For educators, the Epi-Layer technology enhances teaching capabilities by offering a tangible, visual tool to demonstrate the complexities of intradermal injections and the importance of technique in minimizing adverse reactions. The layers are easy to attach and remove from our injection pads, facilitating a seamless learning and teaching experience.
Each Epi-Layer is designed for durability and repeated use, ensuring that students can practice as often as needed to refine their skills. By integrating our Epi-Layers into your healthcare training programs, you provide learners with a cutting-edge educational tool that bridges the gap between theory and practice, setting them up for success in their clinical careers.

Each package contains 3 sheets with 3 each epidermis layers (nine total)