"Lance" FAQ's

Question: The SimBlood in the LANCE Fill Kit is giving error readings on my meter.

The glucose solutions developed in the beta version of LANCE do not give the same readings on every machine.  It was impossible to conduct testing on every meter, so if you’re seeing errors, please consider using LANCE MT and filling the finger with the control solution that matches with your meter.  Later versions of LANCE were filled with a simulated blood not intended to give readings on most machines. 

Question: Where do I buy control solution to fill LANCE MT?

Control solution is available from the manufacturer of your test meter.  You will find contact information in the meter user manual or online with that company.  In addition, various control solutions are available from online retailers.


Question: My control solution is blue!  How do I make my simulation look more realistic?

Following the LANCE MT Filling instructions, fill your syringe with approximately 1mL of the control solution (adding more than this could allow more pressure from inside the finger and promote "leaking"). Also, add a drop of Red Food Coloring before injecting LANCE MT with the control solution.  A nice, dark red simulated blood will result. Note that the meter reading will be slightly lower since you’ve diluted the original glucose concentration with the red food coloring. (Be sure to use a food coloring without extra sugars in the formulation!!)

Question: How much solution does LANCE and LANCE MT hold?

About 1.5-2mL

Question: Do you have mixing instructions for the Blood Glucose Solution for LANCE?

In conjunction with JC3 Innovations we recommend this formula:

Distilled Water (ml).............................   10       10            10             10

Fake Blood Gel (ml) ............................ 7.5       7.5           7.5            7.5

Glucose (ml)........................................  0.5       1              2               4

Anticipated Glucose Range...............  Low     70-120    150-300    >330

-Fake Blood Gel must have thick consistency. The product used for these instructions is Rubies Fake Blood Theatrical. This ingredient prevents leaking from puncture site. If bleeding from puncture site is desired, increase the distilled-water-to-blood-gel ratio.

-The glucose product should yield approximately 80 calories per 12 fluid ounces. The product used for these instructions is Gatorade G Series sports drink.

-After mixing, check glucose with glucometer. Add glucose product for the desired result. If precise glucose level is needed for scenario, filled LANCE overlay should be tested immediately prior to use. -Refill LANCE overlay until puncture site has drop of blood.


Question: How many times can I lance LANCE?

LANCE is “Ambidextrous” meaning you can lance him on each side.  The number of pricks you accomplish is based partially on the setting on the lancing device, and your tolerance to multiple sites leaking as you milk the finger.  Pictured below is a finger that was pierced 10 times on each side.


Question: Lance leaks out of every test site where he has been pricked.

LANCE is made of a polymeric material that does not “reseal” when punctured.  It does, however, “reseat” so the reservoir doesn’t usually spill out until you milk the finger for a sample.

Question: What setting should I use on my lancing device?

LANCE can be punctured at the lowest setting on most lancing devices.  The lower the setting, the more pricks you can achieve without as much leaking from previous sites.

Question: Can I clean out the reservoir that holds the simulated blood?

It is possible to get the beta version of LANCE “Qualitatively clean”.  Follow the filling directions and inject distilled or DI water into LANCE and remove several times until the solution looks clear and your glucose meter gets a “Lo” reading. LANCE MT that has been filled with control solution can be cleaned this same way.  Instructions for later versions of LANCE filled with non-glucose simulated blood will be posted shortly. 

Question: I tried to re-fill my LANCE and the simulated blood OOZED out of every lance site on the finger!!

LANCE is made of a polymeric material that will stretch under pressure.  Overfilling the reservoir will cause leakage to occur at the previous test sites.  Once LANCE comes to equilibrium, the leaking will slow or stop until you milk the finger for your test procedure.  Some users have shared that "Skin Prep" helps to seal up the smaller test sites.

Question: LANCE does not fit well on my mannequin nor on a standardized patient.

The Beta Test Version of LANCE did not fit well.  It was the first piece of feedback we received from our launch.  This was addressed in the re-design of the product which was available in MAY 2017.