About Us

Founded in 2016 in Perkasie, PA, Remedy Simulation Group specializes in affordable, US-made anatomical models for realistic medical training. With a focus on enhancing medical practice, we merge traditional production with advanced technology, offering a range of simulation products developed in collaboration with clinical experts. Our commitment to American manufacturing ensures high-quality, innovative solutions for nursing schools and medical firms globally. Our in-house expertise in design and 3D printing accelerates custom solution development, emphasizing our dedication to improving practice standards with Made in the USA products.

From Our President

“Our goal is to couple high-quality and competitively priced physical modeling solutions with personalized guidance from experts who understand the importance of nurturing customer connections.”

– Dave Szabo, President

Our Philosophy

We strike a skillful balance between developing physical anatomical models that are realistic yet competitively priced. We enhance this harmonious combination with locally sourced materials and US made products. This is backed with superior customer service marked by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and a responsive team of professionals equipped with essential product use and care expertise.

Our Company Beliefs

We believe in collaborating with medical industry experts.

Medical industry experts play an integral role in our product development process. They provide helpful guidance and input to ensure our anatomical practice models meet the distinct education and training needs of nurses and other medical professionals. We are honored to partner with these industry professionals and are grateful for their insights and contributions to our mission to improve practice standards. 

We believe in creating user-friendly solutions.

Using a pragmatic, solution-minded approach, we reduce or eliminate the need for cadavers, animal testing, mannequins, and expensive and leak-prone full-size practice models. In their place, we created simplistically designed anatomical practice models that are both realistic and easy to use. Whether our products are used independently, with a mannequin, or with a standardized patient, we’ve solved complexity and realism challenges for a better educational experience.

We believe that realism enhances the educational value.

Unlike some mass produced low quality products, we use a proprietary formulation of USA-made materials that better reflect the feel and response of human tissue. To enhance the educational value, physical anatomical models must feel and react right to successfully blur the line between practice and the real thing. Our obsessive attention to detail produces an extraordinary qualitative match that makes all the difference.

We believe in USA-made products and materials.

We proudly make our physical anatomical practice models in the USA at our Perkasie, PA production facility. We never source materials from overseas vendors to control the safety and quality of our products while supporting our colleagues and suppliers closer to home. This USA-made advantage results in fewer environmental implications, more reliable product and material availability, and enhanced peace of mind for our customers.

We believe in standing behind our solutions.

We don’t just sell a product – we show you how to use it and answer any questions you may have about optimizing it for your specific needs. It’s just one way we stand behind our solutions and ensure optimal performance. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and manufacturing defect warranties so that you have peace of mind that our solutions will meet your expectations.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you purchase an item and you’re unhappy with its performance for any reason, we’ll gladly take it back and provide store credit or exchange of goods within 30 days. We also offer plans to assure your training site always has the products you need for every class. This 100% satisfaction guarantee is just another way we demonstrate our commitment to you.

Learn more about our Return Policy.

Markets We Serve

Our services and custom products reach the entire medical education market, including nursing, pharmaceutical, medical devices, and other companies within the Healthcare Simulation Industry.

Our Core Values


The fields of nursing and medicine move quickly, especially in today’s climate. With no time to wait, we act swiftly to your inquiries and requests, often responding surprisingly fast with useful information to help guide your anatomical model research and purchasing journey.


From our executives to the support team and everyone in between, we are a close-knit team of industry professionals who share the unique ability to connect with the people around us. We’re naturally inclined to relate to others, whether corresponding in-person or virtually. Our approachable nature makes us notorious for engaging with trade show attendees who revisit our booth to exchange ideas long after hours.


We have a deep respect for nurses, healthcare professionals, and medical device developers who dedicate their careers to advancing the field of medicine. We hold these caretakers and warriors in high regard. As a token of our appreciation, we offer our steadfast commitment to creating competitively priced and realistic physical anatomical models for practice, backed by our in-depth industry expertise and personalized guidance. 


In the field of medicine, innovation is critical to making a difference. We take this idea to heart as we continually explore new ideas and deploy the latest tools and techniques to enhance our product development process. From handmade proprietary formulations to advanced 3D printing capabilities, our mold makers, casting experts, designers, and other industry professionals are dedicated to innovative solutions that pave new roads.


We steadfastly work to provide realistic, affordable, and user-friendly physical anatomical practice models to suit most nursing and medical education needs. However, we may not always have the best solution for you. If our products aren’t right for your unique project, you can trust us to point you toward a better-suited alternative – even if it’s not in our wheelhouse.

Meet Our Leadership Team

David Szabo, President - Email

Scott Wilson, Chief Operations Officer - Email

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Our Professional and Charitable Partnerships

We are proud to participate and contribute to the following professional and charitable organizations that align with our values, goals, and mission:

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