CHAMP Canine Venipuncture & Injection Trainer

CHAMP Canine Venipuncture & Injection Trainer

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CHAMP, which stands for Canine Hindlimb Advanced Model for Phlebotomy, represents Remedy’s initial foray into the Veterinary Medical Simulation field. Working in conjunction with experts in the industry, Remedy developed a simulation model that accurately represents a canine hindlimb in both appearance and functional anatomy. Our modular system allows trainees to practice venipuncture procedures on the lateral saphenous vein in the lower leg as well as intramuscular and subcutaneous injections in the upper thigh. Both sections function independently and can be purchased as a complete unit or individually*. CHAMP is constructed with urethane rubber and foam giving it a realistic look and feel with an authentic weight and skin texture. Remedy Simulation Group fabricates every CHAMP in the USA at our Perkasie, PA facility utilizing proprietary manufacturing techniques and locally sourced materials.

 Each complete CHAMP model includes: a lower leg Venipuncture/ IV trainer, upper thigh Injection trainer, IV tubing and IV bag prefilled with our Sim Blood. 

*Replacement components available please call for more information*