Simulated Skin Tissue - Basic
Simulated Skin Tissue - Basic

Simulated Skin Tissue - Basic

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Step into the future of medical simulation with our revolutionary Basic Skin Tissue model, a testament to our leadership in crafting the most realistic skin textures and feels across the entire industry. Designed for the mastery of basic closure techniques, this model is not just a tool; it's a leap forward in medical education.
Crafted with unparalleled precision, our Basic Skin Tissue features four meticulously engineered layers, each mirroring the distinct properties of the epidermis, dermis, fat, and muscle. This innovation isn't just about simulating the look of human skin; it's about recreating the very essence of its feel and response to medical procedures.
Our commitment to authenticity shines through with each layer's ability to accept adhesive and bandage closures, mimicking real human skin's reaction to treatment. And with a skin layer that resists tear propagation while securely holding sutures, students can engage in the most realistic practice scenarios imaginable.
As market leaders, we don't just create products; we set standards. The Basic Skin Tissue model embodies our dedication to excellence, offering not just a practice tool, but a transformative learning experience that closely replicates real-world conditions. With our product, educators and learners alike can push the boundaries of what's possible in medical simulation, today and in the future.

Size approximately 6.25"X 3.5" 

Available in light and dark skin tones

Item sold individually

SKU: TIS-SKIN-01L (Light Skin Tone), TIS-SKIN-01D (Dark Skin Tone)