Nursing 101 Training Kit
Nursing 101 Training Kit

Nursing 101 Training Kit

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Nursing 101 Training Kit represents the pinnacle of practical training tools for both nursing students and instructors, offering unmatched value in enhancing the hands-on learning experience. This kit is meticulously assembled to align with the most up-to-date curricula across Nursing Schools, Universities, and Technical Institutions, ensuring that it meets the evolving needs of the healthcare education sector. By integrating our top-performing simulation products into one comprehensive package, we provide a seamless solution for equipping Simulation Labs with the industry's leading nursing skills trainers.

Key Components and Their Benefits:
- "Cathi" and "Willi" Catheterization Trainers, complemented by a dedicated stand, offer students the opportunity to master the nuances of male and female catheterization—a critical skill in patient care.
- "Ivy" Intravenous IV Trainer and "Venous Bleu" Venipuncture Trainer facilitate the development of essential venous access skills, bolstering students' confidence in these high-frequency procedures.
- A variety of injection pads ("Paddy," "Patrick," "Pete," and "Patricia") cater to the learning of injection techniques across different anatomical sites, enhancing precision and patient comfort.
- "Lance" Finger Stick and Blood Glucose Test Trainer is an invaluable tool for practicing blood glucose monitoring, a fundamental nursing responsibility in managing patient health.
- The Moulage Wound Care Tattoo Set and Removable Epidermis Layer Kit immerse students in realistic wound care scenarios, from managing gunshot wounds and burns to understanding the intricacies of lacerations and punctures, enriching their wound care competency.
For instructors, this kit offers a streamlined approach to curriculum development and delivery, enabling the simulation of a wide range of clinical scenarios. This not only enriches the teaching toolkit but also allows for a more dynamic and engaging learning environment.
Nursing 101 Training Kit is not just a collection of tools; it's a comprehensive educational resource that bridges theoretical knowledge with practical application, preparing nursing students for the realities of patient care and equipping instructors with the resources to guide them to excellence.

Each kit contains:
1- Cathi” Female Catheterization Trainer
1- Willi” Male Catheterization Trainer
1-  Catheterization Trainer Stand
1- Ivy” Intravenous IV Trainer
1- Venous Bleu” Venipuncture Trainer
1- Paddy” Small Injection Pad
1- Patrick” Large Injection Pad
1- Pete” Thigh Injection Pad
1- Patricia” Belly Injection Pad
1- Lance” Finger Stick and Blood Glucose Test Trainer
1-  Moulage Wound Care Tattoo Set: (Five moulage tattoo sheets representing; Gunshot Wounds, Lacerations, Punctures, Stab Wounds & Burns and one simulated skin pad)
1- Removable Epidermis Layer Kit (Nine pack)


Available in light and dark skin tones

SKU: NURS-KIT-01L (Light Skin Tone), NURS-KIT-02D (Dark Skin Tone)