Nursing 101 Training Kit
Nursing 101 Training Kit

Nursing 101 Training Kit

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Introducing Remedy Simulation Group’s “Nursing 101 Kit.” This comprehensive training kit was designed in conjunction with the current curriculums offered through Nursing Schools, Universities, Vocational and Technical Institutions. We took each our highly successful products and put them together in a complete package for your convenience. If you're looking to stock your Simulation Lab with the very best nursing skills trainers in the industry, look no further.

Each kit contains:

1- Cathi” Female Catheterizaion Trainer

1-WilliMale Catheterization Trainer

1-  Catheterization Trainer Stand

1- Ivy” Intravenous IV Trainer

1- Venous Bleu” Venipuncture Trainer

1- Paddy” Small Injection Pad

1- Patrick” Large Injection Pad

1- Pete” Simulation Thigh Injection Pad

1- Patricia” Simulation Belly Injection Pad

1- Lance” Finger Stick and Blood Glucose Test Trainer

1-  Moulage Wound Care Trainer:

 (Moulage Tattoos include 5 sheets representing; Gunshot Wounds, Lacerations, Punctures, Stab Wounds & Burns. Simulation skin pad included)

1- Removable Epi-Layer (9 pack)

Available in either light or dark skin tone